I’m thrilled at the prospect of meeting you. Whatever option you choose, having the opportunity to build a bond over time that enables our rapport to flourish on a deeper level is beyond treasured.

Get acquainted
A perfect well deserved treat, a peaceful daytime or evening respite from your demanding life.

Extended arrangements
Ideal for a leisurely dinner and beyond. A luxurious opportunity to develop and explore a unique chemistry all our own.

Bring me to you
Custom craft a special rendezvous. Let me be that special gift to yourself on your next busy business trip or simply spend time together in a way that suits your schedule best.

Get acquainted

1.5 hour – Brief introduction – 700

2 hours* – Proper tête-à-tête – 900

3 hours – Relaxed dinner – 1,300

4 hours – Tranquil encounter – 1,500

*2 hours or longer is the preferred option to enable us to create a truly special experience


Extended arrangements

6-8 hours – Leisurely rendezvous – 2,400

12-16 hours – Overnight vignette – 3,300

24 hours – Create our adventure – 4,500

Additional day(s) + 2,500

Travel expenses additional, prepaid in advance


Bring me to you

Travel rate is 150 per hour for travel time over 2 hours 

Travel expenses additional prepaid in advance, 50% fee deposit required

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